Thursday, 21 August 2014


"I went a mile farther on the hills, and so came where they were digging in the tin mines.There were at least twenty mines all in sight, which employ a great many people at work almost night and day, but constantly all and every day, including the Lords Day, which they are forced to prevent their mines being overflowed with water".

(Celia Fiennes)

"If the tin mines shut, it will be the end of places like St Just and Pendeen because they will become ghost towns".

(D Alford)

Saturday, 9 August 2014


'We reached Zennor churchtown about eight o,clock and found a fair accommodation at the public house; as good indeed as one might expect in such a retired district."

(William Bottrel)

"The landscape is bare , yellow green and brown, dropping always down to bare rocks and a sea, all is desolate and forsaken, not linked up. But I like it.

(D H Lawrence)