Wednesday, 28 March 2012


At Bury assizes, Toby Gill, one of Sir Robert Rich's drummers received the death sentence for the murder of Anne Blakemore of Walbeswick, next monday is appointed for his execution which will probably be in Ipswich and he is to be hanged in chains near the place where he committed the murder.

(The Ipswich Journal August 25th 1750)

Or I wander to Walbeswick, place of delight
To artists who paint it from morning to night
But I sit on the pier and I relish the view
Without messing my fingers with cyanine blue.

( Punch magazine 1883)

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Southwold is a watering-place, and everybody knows the general character of watering place topography. It might be called eulogistic style; commencing with general eulogies on earth, air and water; the site, climate, prospects, rides and walks, fields and flood, shipping and dipping, and then proceeding to particular eulogise on the crescents, terraces and villas; the apartments and lodgings, the hotels and libraries, the baths and machines, rides, sociables and donkeys; and through all the paraphenalia which contribute to the health or amusement of the invalid or the robust, the young or old, gay or grave.

(Review of Southwold and its vicinity by Robert Wake. The Gentlemans Magazine  vol 168 1840)

In aspect and outlook, Suffolk seems content to amble along at least a century behind the rest of England. Because it has not been visited with the questionable comforts of modernity, it remains shy and unsophisticated.

(Suffolk Scene Julian Tennyson 1939)

Friday, 2 March 2012


But one of Southwolds greatest assets, not controlled by the Mayor, 4 Aldermen and 12 Councillors, is its bracing pure air, plentitude of sunshine, and its magnificent ocean tides and 100 mile outlook towards Holland.

(A visitor to Southwold in 1931)

In England it is the small country towns like Southwold, which contribute so greatly to the English scene that charms alike foreigner and the native sightseer.

(A Barrett Jenkins)