Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wasdale Cumbria

"When I first came the lake was a perfect mirror and what must have been the glory of the reflections in it! This huge facing of rock said to be half a mile in perpendicular height, with deep ravines the whole winded and torrent worn, except where the pink-striped screes come in, as smooth as silk, all reflected, turned into pillars, dells, and a whole new world of images in the water! The head of the lake is crowned by three huge pyramidal mountains, Yew-Barrow, Sca'Fell,and Great Gable".

(Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

"But to proceed with our survey, and, first of the mountains. Their forms are endlessly diversified, sweeping easily or boldly in simple majesty, abrupt and precipitous, or soft and elegant".

(William Wordsworth)

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