Monday, 16 July 2018

Pen Y Fan

"What are men to rocks and mountains."

(Jane Austin)

"There is no such sense of solitude as that which we experience upon the silent vast elevations of great mountains."

(J Sheridan Le Fanu)

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A few of my African Masks

"The masks were not simply sculptures like any other. Not at all. They were magical objects."

( Pablo Picasso)

" The reaches opened before us and closed behind, as if the forest had stepped leisurely across the water to bar the way for our return. We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness."

(The Heart of Darkness. Joseph Conrad)

Friday, 4 May 2018


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

(Albert Einstein)

"For the artist, drawing is discovery. And thats not a slick phrase; it is quiet literally true."

(John Berger)

Friday, 27 April 2018


"Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly."

(Frederic Chopin)

"I write of love and death, what other subjects are there.?

(Arthur Schnitzler)

Thursday, 12 April 2018


"In Berlin, things are serious but not hopeless. In Vienna they are hopeless but not serious."

(Karl Kraus)

"Emily Dickinson was wrong: hope is not the thing with feathers. The thing with feathers is my cousin. We're sending him to a specialist in Vienna."

(Woody Allen)

Thursday, 29 March 2018


"In Vienna it's impossible to be overlooked. You can only be ignored."

(Alexander Lowen)

"The loveliest girl in Vienna 
Was Alma, the smartest as well. 
Once you picked her up on your antenna, 
You'd never be free of her spell."

(Tom Lehrer)

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


"If you have ever walked in Paris, you will see that Paris will ever walk in your memories!"

(Mehmet Murat Ildan)

"It is impossible for a Parisian to resist the desire to flick through the old volumes laid out by a bookseller."

(Gerard de Nerval)

Thursday, 1 March 2018


"Oh London is a mans town, there's power in the air; And Paris is a women's town, with flowers in her hair; And its sweet to dream in Venice, and it's great to study Rome; But when it comes to living, there is no place like home:

(Henry Van Dyke)

"Paris isn't a city it's a world."

(Lepota L Cosmo)